PRO-Flex Plug and play meter, MID approved

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excluding V.A.T.



The PRO-flex is a practical and simple solution that allows you to measure the energy consumption of mobile energy users / appliances. The PRO-flex can easily be carried to different locations, so there is no need to build a complete and costly infrastructure per location. The PRO-flex can be used for: camp sites, marinas, home appliances, construction sites, exhibition centres, market’s.


We offer an outstanding warranty of 5 years on the Smart PRO & Ambition series

Single or three phase

A complete range of single- and three phase meters. The PRO1 and PRO2 series are both single phase meters. The Ambition 4PU/4PS, PRO380 and PRO380-CT series are three phase meters.

MID approved

All Smart PRO & Ambition energy meters comply with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU. The MID approval ensures the accuracy and quality of the meter and enables its use in billing purposes.


The total energy usage can be calculated via different calculation modes. All forward (import) and reverse (export) (re)active energy values are stored in different meter registers.

Energy measurement

The Smart PRO & Ambition energy meters have an exceptional combination of a high accuracy class (1/B) for active energy measurement and a broad temperature range.