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Innovative. Quality. Certified.

That’s how we can best describe inepro Metering. We offer an extensive range of high-quality certified electricity meters to meet your needs. By combining continuous innovation, experience, and expertise, we ensure our clients a boost in productivity and efficiency and enable them to focus on what matters most: their own ambitions. Whether you’re looking for a simple portable, plug-in solution for measuring mobile energy users or a multi-phase, bi-directional meter with the most innovative connection and communication features. We have it.

Smart Pro




The smart PRO line energy meters have been established in 2009. With this line inepro delivers high quality energy meters for the top segment of the metering market. The meters are MID approved, hence these can be used for invoicing purposes. The 14 models of single and three phase smart energy meters are equipped with optional, 2-tariff, Modbus or M-bus communication.

The meter has a fresh and transparent Dutch design. The distinct red covers signify our passion to develop the best metering solutions. The newly developed meters show more than 30/60 variables (depending on the meter) in the LCD display. The meters can be easily read out via an infrared eye and S0-output. Optional M-bus and Modbus are available.

inepro spend numerous years to develop these high quality smart energy meters with the highest functionality while maintaining the best price-quality ratio.

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The inepro Ambition Series is our latest line of energy meters released in 2021. Unrivalled in the metering world, we believe these are truly the best and most innovative meters on the market.

The meters can be easily read out via our Bluetooth app or via M-bus, Modbus, S0 interface, and UART port.

With the same high accuracy (1/B) and broad temperature range of our Smart Pro series, the Ambition series also feature:

  • Innovative Communications – Android & IOS App
  • Easy installation and maintenance – No tools required!
  • Instantaneous values
  • MID B+D
  • Large customisable display
  • Available in both S Connection or U Connection.

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